Automatic lifting, lowering and loading.

Pile hoist and loading units reduce the physical work of the operator. The material to be cut is lifted quickly and automatically, up to the optimal working height. No more bending down, an ergonomic work place combined with enormous increase of productivity.

Pile hoist SHP

Hydraulic pile hoist SH serially equipped with light guard for automatic height scan.

Pile hoist SHH-TE

Pile hoist and pallet truck lift in one unit serially equipped with light barrier for automatic height scan. Movable with load and easy to handle with large wheels and ergonomic handles.

Loading unit BLA

Automatic loading of the cutter or punching machine onto the front or rear table. With the BLA the process “loading” will be automated.

Re-piling lift SHPA

Re-piling unit SHPA equipped with platform, side-layer backwards and edgeways, stacking height scanner by photo cell, navigable without load, loading max. 2000 kg, all paper formats.

Blower- and fan automat BFAP

Platform pile hoist with edgeways fan unit for pre-aeration.