Airboard lift LBL

Airboard lift LBL for vertical storing of cutting material before and after cutting. Especially developed for label printers and where separate jogging stations with the separation between jogging- and cutting process is required.

The EUROCUTTER airboard lift LBL helps in reducing waiting times, through elimination of different process times by buffering, i.e temporarily storing.

This can be buffering of pre-jogged reams (e.g. in a separate jogging station) in layers, before cutting or, after cutting, the buffering of semi-finished goods (e.g. labels) prior to further processing.

The lightweight airboards made from special woods are provided with micro-holes. They are easy to remove or insert into the LBL for another layer. The air supply is variable adjustable, allowing the setting of individually strong air cushions for easy and convenient handling of different materials.

Through this division of working processes, the productivity of the cutting machine can be increased up to 20%.


LBL -3-600 -6
Airboard size in mm 990 x 1.150  
Max. paperformat in mm  900 x 1.110  1250 x 1650
max. carrying load in kg  600 1000
recomended for High-speed cutters EUROCUTTER 1150 EUROCUTTER 1370  EUROCUTTER 1760


We also offer a huge variety of different types of airboards for various airboard-lift brands.
e.g. airboards with PVC edges for the food industry
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