Loading unit BLA

Wherever high-speed guillotines need to be loaded, EUROCUTTER BLA loading units are a performance-enhancing alternative to stack lifts. The BLA can be equipped to load the material either via the cutting machine front or rear table. It increases the productivity while cutting the material, the next ream will automatically be loaded. Loading to the front table increases the productivity up to 80%, loading onto the rear table even up to 100%. Paper formats and ream heights are set via the 10,4″ touchscreen, set-up times and laboriously loading of the cutting material no longer apply. Loading the rear table of the guillotine, an additional BLA-pushing system as well as an rectractable side lay to be installed at the guillotine are necessary.


BLA -5 -7B
Max. carrying load each ream in kg  250  300
Max. paperformat in mm  900 x 1280  1250 x 1650
recommended for High speed guillotines EUROCUTTER 1150