Pile hoist SHH-TE

The hydraulic pile lifts SHH-TE are the perfect supplement to EUROCUTTER High-speed cutters or other peripheral equipment, such as automatic joggers. Serially equipped with a light barrier for the automatic height control, the SHH-TE guarantees an easy user-friendly and ergonomic working at a convenient working height for loading and unloading of palletized cutting material. The pile hoist is the first unit in an automated cutting line system. The productivity with a pile lift increases by approx. 10%, the job performance remains constant, typical backache of operator is avoided.

EUROCUTTER SHH-TE pile lifts are also movable with load due to its unique construction, big wheels and ergonomic handles. Like this, the cutting material can be directly loaded by the SHH-TE at the pressroom (printing machine) or inside the post press department and driven to the guillotine or any other peripheral equipment. The SHH-TE contains a recharchable battery and an integrated charging unit and is therefore independant from its location.


SHH-TE -800 -1150
Carrying load in kg  1000  1000
Fork length in mm   800 1150
recommended for all High speed guillotines  EUROCUTTER 800  EUROCUTTER 920    EUROCUTTER 1150  EUROCUTTER 1370 EUROCUTTER 1760