Cutting System EUROLINE 2

Up to 200% more efficiency compared to a guillotine without peripheral equipment.

EUROLINE 2 offers the appropriate components from the processes of loading, jogging, cutting and unloading. If an operator processes an average of 10 layers of cutting material per hour on a cutting machine without periphery, then up to 12 layers can be processed with the aforementioned peripheral machines. A further advantage is that the physical strain decreases enormously.

The workflow: The material to be cut is brought to an optimum working height with a stacking pin, from there the operator takes the material to be cut and places it in the jogger. As soon as the back-up table of the quick-cutter is free, a gripper transport system pulls the position onto the back-table of the quick-cutter. After cutting, the unloading on the pallet is carried out by means of a stacker – also in a back-friendly working height. During the stacking process the operator can cut the cuttings on the quick-cut cutter.


Further performance-enhancing components are also available. SCS sheet-counting device.