High-Speed Cutter EUROCUTTER 1370 SP3

The new EUROCUTTER® SP3 guillotine series with 1370 mm working width in 4 different executions.
EUROCUTTER 1370 M SP3 with 10,4″ Color monitor, data input via integradted keyboard,
EUROCUTTER 1370 TM SP3 with 10,4″ Color-touchscreen – Monitor, data input via touchscreen or integrated keyboard,
EUROCUTTER 1370 SM SP3 with 15″ Color monitor, data input via integrated keyboard,
EUROCUTTER 1370 TSM SP3 with 15″ Color-touchscreen – Monitor, data input via touchscreen or integrated keyboard.
EUROCUTTER 1370 XLM SP3 with 18,5″ Full-touchscreen – monitor

Sturdy, powerful and long-lived due to tight and buckling resistant machine frame and the use of precision units for back gauge positioning, knife drive and guidances. Efficient and economic due to high clamp opening, rapid back gauge speed as well as easy and fast knife change. 

High precision due to a mutual linear back gauge guidance and precision ball screw for back gauge positioning.
Highest safety EUROCUTTER® SP3 guillotines are constructed according to the CE – machine building regulations and guarantee highest safety
Easy to use with modern and clearly arranged operator panel. Symbols are consistent, uncomplicated and self-explanatory. Including format-programming and cutting bar ejector.


Cutting width in mm  1370
max. cutting depth in mm   1450
max. clamp opening in mm 165
Measurements of the machine including side tables  3370 x 2920 x 1680
recommended for pilelifts, joggers and unloading lifts SHH-TE, SHP-4, BRSA-4, BRPA-4, LBL-3, SHPA-4, RSA-5