Foilstamping machine PROGRESSOR 1300 F2

Foilstamping and diecutting machine PROGRESSOR 1300 F2

  • Feeder: Using suction heads, this unit transports sheets from the pile to the machine in-feed
  • In-feed: Takes control of each individual sheet and registers it to the cutting/foilstamping tools using mechanical and dynamic registration
  • Platen section: This is the heart of the machine, bringing the cutting die and cutting plate together under pressure. Held between them, the sheet of substrate may be die-cut, creased or embossed, depending on the application and substrate
    The PROGRESSOR F2 is mainly designed as foilstamping machine, but can also be used as diecutter.
    We recommend the option: Chase changer (integrated into the working platform)
  • Delivery: The delivery allignes the sheets and creates a pile of full sheets.
  • max. sheet size: 1300 x 950 mm


Max. sheet size in mm  1300 x 950
Min. sheet size in mm  550 x 450
Max. stamping size in mm 1260 x 920
Die size in mm 1340 x 960
Cutting plate in mm 4 + 1
Gripper margin in mm 7 – 17
Carton board g/m² 90 – 2000
Carton board in mm 0.1 – 3
Corrugated board in mm <= 4
Max. cutting force in t 450
Max. stamping speed in sheets / hour 5000
Feeder pile height (incl. pallet) in mm 1600
Delivery pile height (incl. pallet) in mm 1350
Temperature zones individually controlled 20
Temperature in Celsius 20 – 200
Overall machine size in mm (L x W x H) 7135 x 5660 x 2480 




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